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Our team of professionals boasts over 30 years of experience in the Italian and international markets.

Accademia delle Lingue 1980® in Pordenone is one of the most established firms in the Triveneto region when it comes to technical and specialised translations, legal translations, sworn and certified translations, and assisting businesses in entering new foreign markets.

Accademia delle Lingue 1980® is a linguistic firm comprised of a dynamic and experienced team with three decades of expertise in various key industrial sectors.

How We Work

Our team of native-speaking professional translators spans 18 countries and specialises in corporate and international translations.

With over 30 years of experience, Accademia delle Lingue 1980® has earned a reputation in the industry and a unique specialisation in corporate translations within the northeastern region.

We are a go-to resource for companies and public entities for technical manuals, legal documents, and sector-specific text translations.

Elenco lingue di lavoro

Brazil, India, China, Russia, South Africa


Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand


Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Libya, Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, West Bank and Gaza, Iraq, Yemen

Quality and Accreditations

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Accademia delle Lingue 1980® has certified experience through accreditations in numerous national and international networks.

Our working method ensures high-quality translations and short delivery times. We conduct spelling, syntactical, interpretive, and stylistic checks on each translated work. The latter check determines the quality of the translation.

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Our working method

A document may be perfectly correct but stylistically unsuitable or simply unconventional for the relevant industry sector or even unpalatable to the client. We forward the assignment for the same translation to another translator until we find our client’s full satisfaction. Terminology control is the main focus in technical translations relating to the most diverse product categories.

A translation memory is created or requested and is integrated into every translation of new sector-specific terms. This memory is the property of the contracting company, and Accademia delle Lingue 1980® will provide it upon request.

Depending on the choices made, revisions are carried out on the entire project or on a sample basis. However, more than 80 per cent of the drafts undergo a complete revision, which allows us to make an assessment of each translator in assigning a quality score in relation to several variables.

We evaluate subject matter, text length, availability, reliability to ensure the best translation with a 6-hour delivery.

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What can our team of native-speaking expert translators do for your company?


Business Internationalisation: From Its Meaning to the Strategies to Implement

Internationalisation is a term that has been widely used lately, with a broad meaning and not always used with the necessary knowledge.

“I want to start internationalising my company, but how can I do it? Where do I begin?
But look, I already have a translated website!”

This is a fairly common scenario for many of our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that turn to our office for translation or language training services and initially approach it in a somewhat “homemade” manner, perhaps by only translating their website. Translating texts makes them hopeful for foreign contact (just a simple click on their website) that could lead to significant orders, especially by avoiding the possibility that this hypothetical foreign contact decides to call the Italian offices, which would pose a significant initial problem: the inability to communicate, as language proficiency is not at the level of the European reference framework.

Unfortunately, in the macroeconomic situation in Italy in which we live and work, it seems necessary to “look” abroad, to new markets and potential customers, to stay in Italy, of course, for those who want to stay.

At Accademia delle Lingue 1980®, we have chosen to work all over the world but to remain in our beautiful Italy, with all its numerous and undoubtedly relevant problems, but aware that there is no country more beautiful in most aspects we would like to consider. Being recognised internationally, even at a simple trade show in a hotel as Italians, still excites me personally. We are recognised for our elegance in presenting ourselves in friendly and very practical ways and above all for our high managerial capacity, which, combined with other qualities, sets us apart in various global scenarios.

Let’s go beyond that and return to our internationalisation. Let’s start with the meaning of internationalisation: let’s say that everyone has their own definition, more or less detailed, but I like to start with the word “internationalise,” which, for a company, means becoming “international” and thus engaging in relationships with:

  • B2B Companies
  • B2C Consumers
  • B2C Customers

and even institutions operating in various B2G markets.

As Accademia delle Lingue, we believe and support those who decide to embark on this path, providing tailor-made internationalisation strategies for every small or medium-sized entity.

Speaking of tailor-made paths, Accademia delle Lingue 1980® has just embarked on one, and this is only the beginning. This is our company’s new website; you can explore our new internationalisation services in the dedicated section of the menu. The innovations concerning Accademia delle Lingue do not stop at this website alone. We will keep you updated on this journey step by step, always ready to listen to your feedback.

Best wishes for a successful restart!