If you prefer all-round guidance through the foundation of a new international start-up enterprise, we have a network of professionals with complementary specialisations to assist you with your project.

Founding a new enterprise and selling your products abroad is an ambitious project that requires a good business idea as well as a trustworthy network of professionals who can help you with all the bureaucratic, legal, marketing, insurance and financial aspects. This network is called Solutions and it is at your disposal.

Accademia delle Lingue® firmly believes in the strength of the new enterprises and international start-up companies.
For this very reason, we have created an ad hoc solution for those who wish to found a new business enterprise and needs support with regards to the relative legal, managerial, advertising and financial aspects.
A dedicated network of professionals will collaborate with you, to provide you with the best possible solutions for your new enterprise.
A legal expert will be at your disposal to help you with contracts, alongside an accountant specialised in the choice of the most advantageous tax regime, a consultancy company specialised in subsidised funding that can find the necessary incentives to favour the growth of your enterprises and above all, a team of experts in internationalisation, so you will be able to be present on several foreign markets.
This team of experts at your disposal is called Solutions and it will take care of you and your new enterprise, from its foundation to its development overseas.
Solutions is a flexible organisation that can propose solutions in a wide range of contexts regarding corporate management.

Why is it convenient for you to rely on a professional team?

Because you will be able to focus your energy on your business and leave the research for optimal solutions for enterprise management to the professionals.