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Your sector is our daily working environment.

With 30 years of experience across various economic sectors, we specialize in translating foreign language installation and operation manuals, product data sheets, and documentation related to specific services for the world’s major markets.

Sector-Specific Translation Service

High-quality sector-specific linguistic translation plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless business operation. It is, therefore, essential to create and update your terminological glossaries. Translation Memories are made available to every company for the perfect autonomy of the technical and commercial department.

The quality of our TRANSLATIONS is guaranteed by our in-depth knowledge of your sector. We participate in major national and international trade fairs, translate magazines within your sector, and create and update terminological GLOSSARIES.

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and respect for industrial secrets, adhering to the industry’s highest security standards. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems.

The translation of technical documentation is the core business of ACCADEMIA DELLE LINGUE 1980®, which, in collaboration with excellent partners, provides a complete service including Technical Manual Editing, Graphic Design, and Sector-Specific Translation.

With the support of a reliable and competent decade-long partner, CONCRETAsnc, who Writes and Graphically Elaborates technical documentation, we are able to offer a comprehensive service at all stages of the technical manual creation process in compliance with Italian regulations and European and international directives. Brochure

Do you need to translate a MANUAL that complies with the machinery regulations for the European and non-European markets? The TRANSLATION of your Technical Manual is carried out in accordance with the current regulations of your target market.

Industrial Sectors

traduzioni per il settore trasmissione movimento

Motion Transmission

traduzioni per il settore Confezionamento


traduzioni per il settore Automazione robot

Robotic Automation

traduzioni per il settore Gomma plastica

Rubber and Plastic

Traduzioni per il settore legno


Traduzioni per il settore cartario


Traduzioni per il settore tessile


Traduzioni per il settore della ceramica


Traduzioni per il settore fonderie


Traduzioni per il settore vetro


Traduzioni per il settore pietre naturali

Natural Stone

Traduzioni per la pelle e concerie

Leather and Tannery




Administrative Procedures and Notarised documents

Economic and Financial

Banking and Insurance



Manufacturing Sectors








Rubber and Plastic










Translations are carried out by specialised personnel in the respective agricultural sector and its specific terminology. They are native speakers of their respective languages in their home countries. They are certified and periodically reviewed by native proofreaders every six months.

Our network consists of over 5000 collaborators. Our selected translator works in synergy and is coordinated by the central management based on their specific skills. They are present in their home country and offer a high-quality service, as they are not influenced by Italian language idiosyncrasies, which may occur if residing in Italy for many years. Furthermore, they provide confidentiality and quick service in 72 languages, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

TRANSLATION MEMORIES – Terminological Glossaries

The tools at our disposal and in service of the company must meet the increasing demands for speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness in machinery or finished products.

Therefore, we create multilingual glossaries of products, machinery, and equipment specific to each sector, which are integrated into each new translation and made available to the customer with idiomatic terms unique to their business.

Translation memories generated with Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software offer benefits to both the customer and the translator. CAT tools improve the quality of translated materials, making them stylistically consistent and faithfully reproducing technical terminology throughout the text, even in lengthy documents, reducing translation costs, ensuring rapid execution, and maintaining high-quality results.

Additionally, CAT tools can handle various formats and large volumes, creating customised translation memories that become the client company’s asset.


The drafting, layout, and management of linguistic versions of a technical manual can be extremely costly. Current editorial tools, Information Design methods, and CAT software allow for maximum optimisation of the process using established and technically correct templates. Formats that have been successful in Content Management Systems (CMS) simplify content management, even for large documents. Quickly locating useful information is the focal point in drafting and translation techniques. Costs can be halved if the drafting, design, and translation processes are entrusted to a single partner who can acquire knowledge and specifics of your sector.

Industrial Translations
Technical Manuals

traduzioni per il settore trasmissione movimentoMotion Transmission Sector
traduzioni per il settore ConfezionamentoPackaging Sector
traduzioni per il settore Gomma plasticaRubber and Plastic Sector
traduzioni per il settore Automazione robotRobotic Automation Sector
Traduzioni per il settore legnoWood Sector
Traduzioni per il settore cartarioPaper Sector
Traduzioni per il settore tessileTextile Sector
Traduzioni per il settore della ceramicaCeramics Sector
Traduzioni per il settore fonderieFoundry Sector
Traduzioni per il settore vetroGlass Sector
Traduzioni per il settore pietre naturaliNatural Stone Sector
Traduzioni per la pelle e concerieLeather and Tannery Sector

Sector-specific Translations
Manuali Cataloghi Schede Tecniche

Agricultural Sector
Food Sector
Olive Sector
Wine Sector
Wood Sector
Mechanical Sector
Textile Sector
Rubber and Plastic Sector
Glass Sector
Chemical Sector
Hospitality Sector
Tourism Sector
Logistics Sector
Biomedical Sector
Publishing Sector
Naval Sector


  • Articles
  • Industry Magazines
  • Trade Fairs/Exhibitions
  • Industry Glossaries
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • Text Editing/Writing
  • Graphics for your Technical Manuals
  • Technical Passport
  • Machinery Directive
  • CE Marking
  • ISO-UNI Standards
  • IEC-CEI Standards

Administrative Procedures

Sworn Translations

  • Translations
  • Affidavits
  • Legalisation or Apostille

Accademia delle Lingue 1980® provides legal assistance in immigration law and international law.

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