The market analysis is the first of the steps necessary to penetrate a foreign market.

We have a team of professionals specialised in the canvassing in the foreign language of competitors and potential sources of buyers.

Market analyses are often an underestimated tool in the internationalisation strategies of SMEs. For this very reason, Accademia delle Lingue has created a short, incisive and effective market analysis format, designed especially for SMEs and tested on many north European markets. We provide the first key information on the target country, lists of competitors and sales strategies, to get to know the foreign customer before organising expensive trade missions abroad.
The market of reference is analysed in a report that provides you with all the elements to enable you to make a choice.

Why do a market analysis?

Compared to a large company, the SMEs must optimise their (financial and personal) resources dedicated to internationalisation even further. Even before leaving on a trade mission, succeeding in identifying a target market is an excellent strategy so as not to disperse precious resources. Making conscious choices, supported by market data, is the aim of our analysis model, designed especially for SMEs.

We have a team of experts directly on site that not only knows the language, but also the entrepreneurial fabric and the winning commercial strategies in each market.

How to do a market analysis?

Accademia delle Lingue has worked together with SMEs for many years and it has created a market analysis that is extremely popular with small enterprises that wish to discover new market potential outside Italy.
Our market analysis has been created with the support of experts on site that not only speak the local language fluently, but they also have in-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric, market trends and the sales strategies of their own country.
With a limited budget, you will be able to have, within a short space of time, a clear overview of the economic situation of both the demand and supply of the business-related goods and services.

I found a client, how do I consolidate my presence in the new market?

Accademia delle Lingue can support you in your long-term internationalisation strategy, we can provide you with the following services:

  • Translation of brochures and all the company promotional material
  • Pre-trade fair training to prepare your sales personnel
  • Ad hoc language training courses for your personnel, created to fulfil corporate needs.

Can we help you with your internationalisation project?

If you are a small/medium enterprise and you would like to sell your products aborad, we can provide you with an international strategy that is made-to-measure to suit the size of your company and your market. Put us to the test.

Our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of markets guarantee your success.

Our team of professionals will accompany throughout your business trip in 18 BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – MENA (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Algeria, Marocco) – and ASEAS countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailandia, Vietnam-Laos-Cambogia).

We explore your sector and competition before you undertake any commercial initiatives.