L’Accademia delle Lingue® organises customised pre-trade fair training for SMEs in the Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Lombardy regions.

This pre-trade fair service is aimed at the development of commercial activities between Italy and the Foreign company of the small enterprise, making the most of the knowledge and experience of Accademia delle Lingue in the trade fair sector.

Taking part in a sector-related trade fair is, undoubtedly a huge opportunity to obtain visibility as well as an essential marketing tool for a SME, but how is it possible to to transform this investment of resources into real long-term profit? By acquiring new orders, coming into contact with strategic customers, distinguishing yourself from your competitors, how is it possible to ensure reaching such objectives?

Effective pre-trade fair training enables the personnel in your company to optimise its time spent on the stand and to improve the first contact strategies with the customer.

In order to obtain a detailed quote as well as a work programme, it is sufficient to contact the Accademia delle Lingue® offices, Foreign Market sector, that will provide you with all the elements required to create initiatives as well as the relative expense involved: areas, installations, business trips, interpreters, the printing of information material, ads in newspapers, audio-visual equipment, etc.

Why rely on the Accademia delle Lingue® for pre-trade fair training?

The trade fair is the safest and most effective Marketing tool to promote and market your products and services worldwide for industry and mainly for the SME. ACCADEMIA DELLE LINGUE™, speaks and writes the languages used on the markets that you intend to explore economically, and it is present in the territory with its headquarters located between Treviso, Venice and Udine and it also has approximately 50 operational branches throughout Asia and Europe.

Our staff consists of conference interpreters; professional translators, hostesses, stewards, marketing consultants, experts in international law, who together create a solid network of professionals, based both in Italy and Abroad. The collaborating personnel residing in the foreign country, the commercial aim and interest of which is to be assessed and surveyed, enables us not only to provide a high quality service with the utmost reliability, but it also allows the reduction of costs due to the use of local workers, guaranteeing extremely competitive tariffs.

How to organize a fair?

We have created an appropriate format of preparation for SMEs that approach new markets for the first time using sector-related trade fairs as the main tool for marketing and to obtain visibility.

Our pre-trade fair training is intended for SMEs that wish to optimise their financial resources, trade fair personnel and to maximise the return on their investment.

From the salesperson to the management, from on-stand presence to the follow-up stage after the trade fair, our pre-trade fair training will provide practical examples of behaviour, models of conduct in the commercial strategy, contact forms, a list of competitors and everything needed to arrive at the sector-related trade fair with the best possible preparation.

Internationalisation is a long, complex process that requires specific skills as well as a training course for the personnel involved.

The information to be acquired on the foreign markets and on the opportunities of internationalisation are the prelude for the choice of markets and projects to be carried out abroad; for this very reason, we provide a market analysis package for SMEs.

Can we help you with your internationalisation project?

If you are a small/medium enterprise and you would like to sell your products aborad, we can provide you with an international strategy that is made-to-measure to suit the size of your company and your market. Put us to the test.

Our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of markets guarantee your success.

Our team of professionals will accompany throughout your business trip in 18 BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – MENA (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Algeria, Marocco) – and ASEAS countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailandia, Vietnam-Laos-Cambogia).

We explore your sector and competition before you undertake any commercial initiatives.