A team of telemarketing professionals for your telephone calling to potential customers abroad as well as sending e-mails in the foreign language to carry out an effective follow-up.

It surveys the interest in your product/service on a foreign market by actively canvassing customers through a specific telephone calling service carried out by specialised mother-tongues as well as the sending of follow-up e-mails. If you cannot afford a salesperson that speaks many languages, we can do this for you.

Over 80 workstations with telemarketing professionals are at your disposal to actively acquire potential customers abroad, with a mastery in the language spoken by the customer, specifically trained on the characteristics of your product/service, with experience within the sales sector alongside precise telemarketing strategies resulting from years of experience within the sales field.

We work remotely with companies all over Italy, from Lombardy to Friuli Venezia Giulia, in order to put a flexible, economic and above all effective calling and mailing tool at the disposal of Italian SMEs.

Before going on a trade mission abroad, there are several steps that a company with a limited budget has to take to optimise its available resources for its own internationalisation strategy.

Our internationalisation support is carried out directly in the company itself, before going on a business trip to visit the target market, we can prepare accurate and useful market analyses and test your product/service by means of a telephone calling and mailing service performed in the customer’s language.

The active canvassing of new, potential customers abroad, passes through a first telephone contact as well as a follow – up e-mail, perfectly studied to be the best business cardyou’re your company abroad. A perfect pronunciation, fluency in the customer’s language, a knowledge of telephone sales strategies are the characteristics of our telemarketing service.

The creation of Leads, new contacts with potential customers, is a work that if carried out by professionals, can lead to a list of interesting contacts, ready for your salesperson on site, with minimum effort in terms of time and financial resources. An optimal solution for an SME that is entering new foreign, European and overseas markets for the first time, that wish to maximise returns in investments made in internationalisation.

Can we help you with your internationalisation project?

If you are a small/medium enterprise and you would like to sell your products aborad, we can provide you with an international strategy that is made-to-measure to suit the size of your company and your market. Put us to the test.

Our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of markets guarantee your success.

Our team of professionals will accompany throughout your business trip in 18 BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – MENA (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Algeria, Marocco) – and ASEAS countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailandia, Vietnam-Laos-Cambogia).

We explore your sector and competition before you undertake any commercial initiatives.