A new, innovative service provided by Accademia delle Lingue® to meet the needs of those SMEs that wish to sell their products abroad and attend trade fairs with a limited budget.

Entrust yourself to our trade fair delegates, we will observe your competitors, collect useful information for your company and we will propose your promotional material to potential customers as if you were present. Our delegates will represent you, yet we will do the travelling.

There are many objectives we set ourselves to reach on your behalf, yet the most important one is to reduce the costs of attending trade fairs that have, by now, become too expensive and to put you into contact with potential new customers.
The presence of your company in several sector-related trade fairs at the same time, without multiplying participation costs, will give you the possibility to chose from numerous opportunities and to pay painstaking attention to the follow-up of customers after the conclusion of the trade fair and to anticipate market trends.

The benefits of the Trade Fair Delegation Service include:

  • Avoiding the expense of board and lodging of your company personnel abroad
  • Not having to burden your offices with the organisation and management of the event
  • Freeing the internal personnel from having to attend the trade fair
  • Being simultaneously present on the most important markets

Can we help you with your internationalisation project?

If you are a small/medium enterprise and you would like to sell your products aborad, we can provide you with an international strategy that is made-to-measure to suit the size of your company and your market. Put us to the test.

Our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of markets guarantee your success.

Our team of professionals will accompany throughout your business trip in 18 BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – MENA (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Algeria, Marocco) – and ASEAS countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailandia, Vietnam-Laos-Cambogia).

We explore your sector and competition before you undertake any commercial initiatives.