Defined by AILOG (the Italian Association of Logistics) as “the set of organisational, administrative and strategic activities within the company which governs the flows of material and of related information therein, from their origins with the suppliers, all the way to the delivery of the finished products to customers and the after-sales service”.

Here at the Accademia delle Lingue ® studio, we can attest to just how broad this subject is, and know the challenge of translating every single product, process and project into all the relevant market languages.

We provide translations for renowned manufacturers in the following areas: Trolleys, transpallets and other vehicles, Industrial electronics, Automation and robotics – equipment and components, Conveyors, lifting and handling, fork lifts and platform trucks – construction, Lifting and transport – systems and devices, Machinery and components, Welding apparatus – Labelling and branding production – machines and systems, Storage systems, Warehousing and industrial logistics – systems and equipment, Hot air and steam generators, Containers, pallets and receptacles, Systems and industrial equipment, Tanks – production and trade, Packaging and wrapping, Packaging – production and trade, Computers – peripherals, Packaging – production and trade, Software and industrial consultancy.

As a business, we stand out for our range and years of experience in Translating, Graphically Designing and compiling technical manuals, brochures and technical data sheets in the languages of BRICS, MENA and ASEAN countries.


We attend the most important trade shows within the logistics sector in Italy and abroad. We can represent your company, gather reports on new products from your main competitors or simply promote your product.



We are acutely familiar with your business’s terminology. This is because we consult and extrapolate terminology and acronyms from the trade magazines which we translate into the languages of your target market.


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Do you need to translate a manual that complies with machinery directives of markets in the USA, Canada or other countries?

L’Accademia delle Lingue® Accademia delle Lingue® Compiles, Graphically Designs and TRANSLATES your technical manual in compliance with the current regulations of your target market.

Do you need to write your manual from scratch and design its graphics?

L’Accademia delle Lingue® Accademia delle Lingue® can act as copywriter and create your manual, utilising staff who specialise in the sector to retrieve mechanical engineering data. We can also take care of your manual's graphic design, using any format available from InDesign, Illustrator and many other editing softwares.