Sworn Translation, Affidavits, and Legalization

Accademia delle Lingue 1980® specialises in sworn translation, affidavits, and the legalisation of legal documents, certifications, and deeds.

With over a decade of experience working with the courts, our legal experts are a point of reference in the Triveneto region for professionals and businesses.

That’s why our specialisations include not only professional translation but also the service of Legalizations (Apostilles) for documents in all languages for all countries.

We translate Italian documents into any language and translate any document into Italian. Your translated and sworn documents will be valid in Italy and abroad!

A specific area of Accademia delle Lingue 1980® is reserved for legal translations: contracts, deeds, legal powers of attorney, and certificates of any kind, for which, if required, we also take care of the certification and/or legalisation.

What is meant by sworn or affidavit translation?

Sworn translation involves an official attestation by the expert native-speaking translator on our team regarding the correspondence of the translated text to the original text.

This service is highly appreciated by our clients because affidavits are almost always required for diplomas, certificates, and testimonials, as well as for legal documents, contracts, and letters of appointment.

How do sworn or affidavit translations work?

Sworn translation can be done at the Court, by the Justice of the Peace, or by a Notary, but the procedure is straightforward as the presence of the document owner is not required.

The translator goes to the designated offices and swears to have faithfully translated the assigned document after presenting themselves to the Clerk or Judicial Officer. The translation certification protocol is signed by both parties and concludes the paper file composed of the original document and the translation.

The necessary stamps are affixed, and the package is registered in the Register of sworn translations.

Accademia delle Lingue 1980: Traduzione giurata, asseverazione e legalizzazione

Sworn Translation of Documents: Some Examples

Here are some examples of documents our agency provides sworn translation services for:

  • Sworn translation of a degree and diploma
  • Sworn translation of a birth certificate or birth record
  • Sworn translation of a court judgment
  • Sworn translation of a driver’s license
  • Sworn translation of medical expenses
  • Sworn translation of contracts (such as lease, rental, sale, donation, credit, association, employment, brokerage, succession, guarantee, travel, transportation, marriage, licenses)
  • Testimonies, judgments, legal proceedings, appeals, settlements, wills
  • Administrative texts, tender documents, and various types of public acts
  • Tax documentation, terms and conditions, data processing

In Which Court are Affidavits Performed?

Sworn translations have legal validity regardless of the Italian court in which they are carried out.

Our main office is in Pordenone, but we provide sworn translations at the courts in Pordenone, Bologna, Milan, Parma, Forlì, Ferrara, Ravenna, and Imola.

If you require a sworn translation at another court, such as Venice or Rome, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will find the best solution together to provide the necessary service.

Sworn Translation with Legalisation or Apostille

Legalisation or Apostille of a translated document involves the certification of the legal status of the public official who has signed a document, as well as the authenticity of the signature itself.

Depending on the destination country, the Apostille stamp of The Hague or Legalisation is used.

Languages We Work With

Professional translation of your company’s texts is the first step to gaining credibility, reputation, and professionalism in foreign markets.

If you have an important text to translate, relying on a native-speaking expert ensures care, quality, confidentiality, and effective communication.

We are also registered on MEPA to collaborate with public administrations.

Accademia delle Lingue 1980® has its main office in Pordenone and collaborates with law firms in London, Rome, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Padua, Venice, and Trieste.