EU Long-Term Residence Permit

(Article 9 of Legislative Decree No. 286/98 and subsequent amendments; Articles 16 and 17 of Presidential Decree No. 394/99 and subsequent amendments)

  1. Completed and signed application by the applicant (Form 1 and Form 2).
  2. Photocopy of the entire passport or other equivalent document (see table No. 4).
  3. Photocopy of the income tax return or the CUD form issued by the employer for the previous year.
  4. Certificate of a clean criminal record and certificate of ongoing criminal proceedings.
  5. For EU long-term residents, the residence permit request must also be accompanied by the following documents for minor children:
    • Photocopy of the registration certificate attesting to the status of a minor child. If coming from abroad, the certificate must be translated, legalised, and validated by the Italian Consular Diplomatic Representation, unless otherwise specified by international agreements. This documentation is not required if the minor entered with a family reunification visa.
    • Photocopy of the certificate of suitability of accommodation as per Article 29, paragraph 3, letter a), of Legislative Decree No. 286/98 and subsequent amendments.

– The residence permit may be requested by foreign nationals holding a residence permit for a reason that allows an indefinite number of renewals (family, indefinite-term subordinate employment, self-employment, asylum, religious reasons, statelessness), who have been residing regularly in Italy for at least 5 years;
– For the application of individual foreign nationals without dependent family members in Italy, the income must not be less than the annual amount of the social allowance.
– The residence permit may also be requested by the spouse and dependent minor children of the foreign national applying for the EU long-term residence permit. In this case, the foreign national must demonstrate sufficient income for their own support and that of their family members. -The spouse and dependent minor children over the age of fourteen who live with the foreign national applying for the residence permit must fill out their own Form 1 (or Form 2 if they have their own individual income).
– In cases where the legal system does not require the submission of an income tax return (e.g., domestic workers), income may be demonstrated with other objective documentation (payroll, INPS contributions).
– The EU long-term residence permit serves as a personal identification document for a maximum of five years from the date of issuance or renewal. Renewal is performed at the request of the interested party, along with new photographs.

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