INPS Social Security

Request for Italian Contributory Extract

Contributory Extract

  • Mandatory Contributions
  • Request for Voluntary Contributions
  • Redemption Contributions Request
    • Redemption Contributions Request
    • Bachelor’s degree course (also in separate management)
    • Work performed abroad in non-convention countries
    • Internship years completed by Financial Promoters
    • Work carried out under a coordinated and continuous collaboration contract for periods prior to April 1, 1996
    • Unworked and non-contributory periods
    • Periods of part-time work
    • Socially useful work periods
  • Request for figurative contribution accreditation
    Figurative contributions granted upon request by the social security institution include:
    • Military service
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Parental leave (employees)
    • Receipt of unemployment benefits
    • Union leave
    • Election mandate leave
  • Request for contribution aggregation

Contributory Extract


  • Countries Applying EU Coordination Regulations
  • EU Countries: Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia; Switzerland; – convention with specific details
  • Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland – convention with specific details
  • United Kingdom (post-BREXIT provisions)
  • Countries That Have Signed Social Security Conventions with Italy
    • Italy-Argentina Convention
    • Italy-Australia Convention
    • Italy-Brazil Convention
    • Italy-Canada and Québec Convention
    • Italy-Uruguay Convention
    • Italy-Venezuela Convention
    • Italy-USA Convention
    • Italy-Israel Convention
    • Italy-Holy See Convention
    • Italy-Principality of Monaco Convention
    • Italy-Channel Islands Convention (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, and Jethou) and Isle of Man
    • Italy-Cape Verde Republic Convention
    • Italy-San Marino Republic Convention
    • Italy-Tunisia Convention
    • Italy-Former Yugoslavia Countries Convention (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia)
    • Italy-Turkey Convention – convention with specific details


Countries without a convention – The Italian State, for a fee and at its sole discretion, decides according to certain parameters


The Only Certainty!
Contributory Statement
INPS recognizes the contributions paid

A quale pensione hai diritto?



  • Public Employee Inadequacy/Disability Pension
  • Disabled public employee pension **
  • Service-related
  • Privileged pension
  • Ordinary disability allowance
  • Ordinary disability pension
  • Disability pension for asbestos-exposed individuals
  • Survivors’ pension
  • Old-age pension
  • Old-age pension – derogation for repatriated non-EU citizens
  • Safeguard pension, so-called “ninth safeguard” **
  • Hazardous work
  • Ordinary early retirement
  • Early retirement for specific categories
  • Early retirement “Quota 100”
  • Early retirement “Quota 102”
  • Flexible early retirement, so-called “Quota 103”
  • Early retirement “New Women’s Option”
  • Supplementary pension


Incapacity Pension

Monthly Attendance Allowance
Monthly Civil Disability Allowance
Accompaniment Allowance


Already recognized disability and therefore possession of the INPS legal medical report

  • Permissions and benefits for disabled workers
  • Permission and benefits for family assistance to severely disabled individuals
  • Contribution for unemployed parents or single-income parents with disabled children.

Having a medical certificate of civil disability assessment from an external doctor

Civilly Disabled
Incapacity Pension
Monthly Attendance Allowance
Monthly Civil Disability Allowance
Accompaniment Allowance

Civil Blind
Total Blind Pension
Partial Blind Pension (twentieth holders)
Special Allowance for Twentieth Blind Individuals
Communication Allowance for the Deaf and Blind

Deafness Pension
Communication Allowance


Pension-related requests



  • Traders’ Compensation
  • Uniform Pension
  • Bankers
  • Temporary Early Integrative Annuity
  • Extraordinary Income Support Allowance
  • Expansion Contract
  • Ape Sociale (Social Ape)


Social Allowance

  • At least 10 years of residency in Italy
  • Income not exceeding €5,000 annually for singles
  • Income not exceeding €13,000 annually for married couples

Inclusion Allowance (ADI)
It will replace the Citizenship Income from January 2024. The benefit can only be requested by households containing:

  • minors,
  • people with disabilities
  • people aged at least 60.

Support for Education and Employment
This measure is aimed

  • ai individuals between 18 and 59 years old
  • with a family ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) lower than €6,000, whose households are not entitled to ADI.

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