Procedures for Citizenship Application

The citizenship application process is divided into two categories:
Citizenship application based on residency or citizenship application based on marriage to an Italian citizen.

Citizenship Application Based on Residency

The citizenship based on residency is further categorised into citizens of the European Union (EU), non-EU citizens, and political refugees.

EU CitizensNon-EU CitizensPolitical Refugees
Years of Required Residency4 years10 years5 years
Birth Certificate from the Country of Originno translationtranslated and legalisedno certificate
Criminal Record Certificateno traduzionetranslated and legalisedno certificate
Passportyesyesno (if there isn’t one)
Residence Permitcertificate of registration in the population registryyesyes
Certificate of Family Statusyes (municipality)yes (municipality)yes (municipality)
Italian Language Test (B1 level)yesno (if UE)yes
First Entry to Italyyesyesyes
Last Entry to Italyyesyesno
SPID (Public Digital Identity System)yesyesyes
Payment of 250 Eurosyesyesyes
Date of Marriageyesyesyes
Self-certification of Residences (all addresses in recent years)yesyesno
Revenue Stampyesyesyes

With the latest legal changes, you now need only 3 years instead of 4 to obtain citizenship. During the application process, there is also a list of questions that need to be filled out as you complete the application.

Citizenship Application for Marriage

Italian citizenship through marriage is requested because you are married to an Italian citizen.

Without ChildrenWith Children
Years of Required Residency1 year and 1 month2 years
Birth Certificate from the Country of OriginTranslated and legalised (if non-EU citizen)Translated and legalised (if non-EU citizen)
Criminal Record CertificateTranslated and legalised yes
Residence Permit (not required for EU citizens)yesyes
Certificate of Family Statusyes (municipality)yes (municipality)
Italian Language Test (B1 level)Not required for EU citizensNot required for EU citizens
First Entry to Italyyesyes
Last Entry to Italyyesyes
SPID (Public Digital Identity System)yesyes
Payment of 250 Eurosyesyes
Date of Marriageyesyes
Date of Naturalization (if not Italian by birth)yesyes
Self-certification of Residences (since living together)yesyes
Revenue Stampyesyes

With the recent legal changes, you no longer need to have 4 years of residency; 3 years are now sufficient to obtain citizenship.

Additionally, during the application process, there is a list of questions that must be filled out as you complete the application.

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