Residence Permit for Waiting for Employment

(Article 22 of Legislative Decree No. 286/98 and subsequent amendments; Article 37 of DPR 394/99 and subsequent amendments)

  1. Completed and signed application by the applicant (Forms 1 and 2).
  2. Photocopy of the entire passport or another equivalent document (see Table No. 4).
  3. Certification of the statement made to the employment centre (previously registered on the job placement lists) or communication from the National Social Security Institute (INPS) confirming the income support amount.

– Job loss does not constitute a reason for revoking the residence permit. Foreigners holding a residence permit for employed work who lose their job, including through resignation, can be registered in the registry of the Employment Centre for the remaining validity period of the residence permit, for a minimum of one year, renewable annually for the entire duration of the income support received by the foreign worker. The residence permit may be renewed at the end of the income support period if the foreigner can demonstrate that their family, in accordance with Article 29, paragraph 3, letter b) of the Immigration Consolidation Act, possesses the financial resources required by the same article.

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