Our professional translations of corporate documents, legal texts and manuals have been entrusted to mother-tongue sector experts for over 30 years.

Our team of expert translators can support the company in all kinds of text translation, from e-mails to technical manuals, from marketing texts to sector-related language, providing all-round assistance with a personal language adviser.

Since 1980, our core business has been professional translation for companies. Over the past 30 years, we have specialised in the translation of sector-related texts, using specific, technical language, especially with manuals. We assist the company in its relationship with foreign markets both from a strategic viewpoint with our internationalisation services for SMEs, as well as the all-encompassing operational translation of corporate material.

Accademia delle Lingue® can promptly and confidentially fulfill all corporate needs of SMEs linked to foreign trade, with information, assistance and promotion services. We mainly work in the Triveneto area, as our headquarters are only a few kilometres from Udine, Venice, Padua and the main economic hubs in north-east Italy.

Our professional translation service is complete to be able to provide SMEs with a single language adviser for all translation needs.
Our team of mother-tongue translators can support your company right from its first e-mail, translated in only a few hours to guarantee speed and immediacy in relations with foreign counterparts, right up to the translation of sector-related technical manuals.

What can we do for your company?

Our strengths in professional translation for companies include:

For which sectors do we work?

Over the past 10 years, we have gained considerable experience with SMEs and large companies in the translation of specific texts for the following sectors:

  • Translations for banks and professionals
  • Translations for the mechanical engineering sector
  • Translations for the web marketing sector
  • Translations for the publishing sector
  • Translations for the agricultural sector
  • Translations for the automotive sector

Professional translations for individuals, organizations and professionals!

Our services are dedicated also to private customers, professionals as well as public authorities.
By seeking the professional help of a mother-tongue expert in the relative sector ensures that the translations of significant value are of a high quality and the utmost confidentiality is guaranteed.We are specialised in the following activities:


Analysis of the text

Selection of a translator specialised in the subject matter

Creation or integration of a translation memory

Third translation for comparison



ISO 639 Codes (Names of Languages)

IT Italian HI Hindi TK Turkmen GA Irish VI Vietnamese FI Finnish FR French BN Bengali; Bangla KA Georgian
KM Cambodian UK Ukrainian SV Swedish ES Spanish FA Persian, Farsi - Iraniano HY Armenian MN Mongolian RU Russian DA Danish
DE German UR Urdu, Pakistan TR Turkish MO Moldavian BE Byelorussian NL Dutch EN English MK Macedonian PA Punjabi,Pakistan
BG Bulgarian AR Arabic NO Norwegian PTeu Portuguese EU SL Slovenian IW Hebrew CS Czech KK Kazakh PS Pashto, Pushto, Afgano
PTbr Portuguese BR RO Romanian SR Serbian SK Slovak KO Korean LV Latvian, Lettish FR French canadian SQ Albanian SH Serbo-Croatian
HU Hungarian JA Japanese LT Lithuanian CA Catalan EL Greek HR Croatian PL Polish ZH Chinese ET Estonian

The professional translation of your corporate documents is the first step to gain credibility, reputation and to guarantee professionalism on foreign markets.

If you have an important document to translate, entrusting the services of an expert mother-tongue translator ensures painstaking attention is paid, confidentiality and the effectiveness of the communication.

Make the most of our professionalism and the in-depth knowledge of the sector of professional translations

We avail ourselves of the services of expert mother-tongue translators in order to ensure the best specialist translation

Our team of professionals guarantees short delivery times and the utmost confidentiality