Translations for the web marketing sector

Accademia delle Lingue® is specialised in translations for websites and web marketing contexts from an SEO viewpoint.

Our team has recently developed a branch of translations from an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) viewpoint, for websites and web marketing contents, paying painstaking attention to quality of the translation and the functionality of the text online.

For many years, we have dealt with the translation of websites and other web marketing material intended to generate traffic. SEO is an essential component in the drafting of a text that has, as its destination, not only the user but also search engines.

Translating from an SEO viewpoint means finding the right balance between the utmost quality of translations and the use of language suitable for the world of internet and online research.
We translate websites, key words, texts for the web that have to reach precise web marketing objectives, by optimising the texts using the most searched words.

When translating for the web, the translation technique must take variables into account that in traditional advertising and publishing are not considered, such as the algorithm of the search engines. A clear writing style, with simple language, a correspondence between key words and business objectives, are only some of the aspects that must be prioritised when we receive a request for a translation for the web marketing sector.

Whether you are a translation or a SEO agency, you can find a team of expert, mother-tongue translators specialised for the web.
When we translated for digital communication purposes, not only do we pay painstaking attention to the quality of the translation but also to the compliance of the Search Engine Optimisation mechanisms.

ISO 639 Codes (Names of Languages)

IT Italian HI Hindi TK Turkmen GA Irish VI Vietnamese FI Finnish FR French BN Bengali; Bangla KA Georgian
KM Cambodian UK Ukrainian SV Swedish ES Spanish FA Persian, Farsi - Iraniano HY Armenian MN Mongolian RU Russian DA Danish
DE German UR Urdu, Pakistan TR Turkish MO Moldavian BE Byelorussian NL Dutch EN English MK Macedonian PA Punjabi,Pakistan
BG Bulgarian AR Arabic NO Norwegian PTeu Portuguese EU SL Slovenian IW Hebrew CS Czech KK Kazakh PS Pashto, Pushto, Afgano
PTbr Portuguese BR RO Romanian SR Serbian SK Slovak KO Korean LV Latvian, Lettish FR French canadian SQ Albanian SH Serbo-Croatian
HU Hungarian JA Japanese LT Lithuanian CA Catalan EL Greek HR Croatian PL Polish ZH Chinese ET Estonian

The professional translation of your corporate documents is the first step to gain credibility, reputation and to guarantee professionalism on foreign markets.

If you have an important document to translate, entrusting the services of an expert mother-tongue translator ensures painstaking attention is paid, confidentiality and the effectiveness of the communication.

Make the most of our professionalism and the in-depth knowledge of the sector of professional translations

We avail ourselves of the services of expert mother-tongue translators in order to ensure the best specialist translation

Our team of professionals guarantees short delivery times and the utmost confidentiality